Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Djinna Nights

Long ago, one of Nathan's ancestors managed to piss off the goddess Anahita.  Never a good thing.  This particular ancestor was a queen, so the goddess was royally po'd - even worse

During a brutal time of famine, said queen hoarded her grain instead of sharing with her subjects. Many died. As punishment, the goddess cursed her, and her issue, to serve humanity for eternity.

Voila! The magical wish granting djinna!

This was all rather academic to Nathan, as the curse only affected d'Anahita females.  

But ...there is a loophole... 

Click here to read the first part of Djinna Nights, and then leave a comment below.


  1. I couldn't get this story out of my head for days. So very interesting and full of open questions:
    * Nathan has a sister who's a Djinn? That sounds like a story in an of itself
    * What's up with Rob? Is he bad news like Nathan seems to feel?
    * What does going to bottle do for a Djinna?
    * How is it that Zuzu can avoid granting wishes to everyone she encounters? Is it because she has a master?
    Yeah, this story really whet my appetite. I'm also impressed with the media. I think that's one of the best mixed text/picture presentations I've seen yet.

    Alright here's to hoping this comment box doesn't just chuck comments and toss them into outer ether-space.
    - Denkkar

  2. Yeah!!!! It works! Thanks, Denkkar


  3. I think this is the best beginning of one of your stories yet. Often the beginning of your stories is slow, but the rewards of patience are many. This story starts fast (literally with a bang!) and builds from there.

    I look forward to more when the muse blesses you.



  4. Armond, I enjoyed this story. I really care about Nate/Azura and would love when you can to read the next part.

  5. This is an excellent story. You have an uncanny way of making your characters very real and making the reader really care about them. I look forward to reading more.

  6. Woah a blog where I can post comments to your works in progress...

    Djinna tales is pretty much awesome... I wonder how it'll work out for Nathan aka Azura. She is sure that her girlfriend preferes that Rob dude. Since she has this telepathy/empathy thingy that might even be true.
    I hope Azura won't be abused by someone knowing her password.

    That Anahita goddess is a really vindictive bitch if she curses the souls of poor sods who had just enough bad luck to be born into the line of that family.
    Couldn't she just kill them off or something?

    But I guess that was just an excuse... She probably wants to do something else with them. Azura needs some serious hugs and some love. I hope she'll get it.
    Her ex?girlfriend ought to have to sacrifice something too. She got her wish and sacrificed Nathans life in the process. It's her responsibility that it doesn't turn bad.

    Thank you for writing this promising story, I hope for a continuation.