Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Summerland Path

Okay, you've slogged through the rough drafts (or if you haven't, click here), so tell me what you think.


  1. Ugh... what do I think about it?

    Really interesting, but strange that nobody tried to circumvent the curse like this before. I mean creating somekind of creature born of magic to try to find the passways again would be an obvious choice.
    But then the sidhe always had their magic maybe they never needed logic...

    They're sufficiently arrogant that I'm about to sympathisize with the secret service people and those are cruel enough to be hated by me.

    The princess seems to be a stupid bitch, that likes to use men as boytoys. I wonder if she leaves them elfstruck. Which would be really nasty.

    The elves are dangerously arrogant. Even if they find the way to the summerlands, that might also mean that humanity is able to find them. Their funny little sleepers may do some mayhem, but probalby not enough to keep humanity from nuking the summerlands.

    I think some elves are about to get a major ass whipping by a goddess.
    I wonder what the poor dude will make out of their arrogance... I mean he's been transformed into an elf and a girl and they treat him like an animal. I wonder if he'll escape to the summerlands but then if he's been turned into an exact copy of the princess he ought to have her powers. That might really become intersting.

    The last of the three parts was written in a style that I didn't particularily like. I mean the princess was nearly abducted and she's joking around with her "love" like nothing ever happened. The interlude was more confusing then everything else.

    It would be nice to know something about their war with humanity where the previous queen died.

    In the end a promising story, I'd like to see it finished.

    Thank you for writing,


  2. argh... I forgot something.
    You don't call a woman "Herr" in german. It's like calling a woman "mister" in english. You'd use "Frau (Doktor)"

  3. it is a good story to read and wonder how he is handling being a female elf with magic powers. will there be any new post to the story.